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is the unity js script support for socket client using javascript ? or any something suggestion to use javascript socket client in unity?

i try socket.io library for javascript socket client but i don't know how to implement that in unity, any someone can explain that?

<script src="/socket.io/socket.io.js"></script>
  var socket = io.connect('http://localhost');
  socket.on('news', function (data) {
    socket.emit('my other event', { my: 'data' });

this code in htm page, i think i have idea to include taht script in unity but i can't found documentation for that...thanks for helping

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socket.io is for a node server , are you using a nodejs server ? to handle socket.io messages ? what does it have to do with unity ? –  mpm Apr 3 '12 at 9:11
yes in my plan i wanna to use socket.io with nodejs to server. and socket.io client to client –  viyancs Apr 4 '12 at 8:55

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Unity's javascript is not real javascript. Unity's javascript is a new language whose syntax is similar to original javascript.

Unity's javascript is based on Mono, a open source .Net framework implementation. so what you need is .Net socket, not socket.io.



for example, to create a TCP client socket in C#:

TcpClient client = new TcpClient(server, port);
NetworkStream stream = client.GetStream();
stream.Write(data, 0, data.Length);

in Unity js:

var client : TcpClient = new TcpClient(server, port);
var stream : NetworkStream = client.GetStream();
stream.Write(data, 0, data.Length);

different syntax , but the same API/library.

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owh...in unity script i can't found to use web socket, if that using c# to using .net to create socket request how to implement that in unity javascript, is unity javscript can call method or function in C# ? –  viyancs Apr 4 '12 at 8:57
you can create socket in unity javascript, no need to use C#. –  Chchwy Apr 4 '12 at 15:47
wow that is good sound, can you give me the reference for create socket ini unity javascript? –  viyancs Apr 5 '12 at 8:07

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