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I read OpenCV SURF manual "ExtractSURF" at

as I understand, this function automatically looks for SURF features on the image.

In many cases, the user wants to feed those features (detected by other algorithms) to this function to get the SURF descriptors for these points. But I think the function (ExtractSURF) doesn't support that. Am I right?? it is fixed with SURF features it find out

Is there any resolution for this??


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You want the example that comes with opencv 2.3 called it is in the opencv\samples\python2 samples directory.

It is an excellent example of using SURF in cv2 and python.

Doc on feature detectors is here:

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I've read the sample code. But it uses SURF points as the input whereas I want to feed my own points – Shawn Le Apr 4 '12 at 5:33

Yes, but not with OpenCV python API. Using SurfDescriptorExtractor in C++.

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