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i'm using the kendo ui grid on my backbone application. i used this codes.


But i'm having this error on firebug.

invalid 'instanceof' operand backboneModel
if (!(model instanceof backboneModel)) {

I have this code.


 ], function($, _, Backbone, kendoGrid, Cart, Invoice, Input, CartCollection, InvoiceDetailCollection, InvoiceCollection, CartListTemplate){

var Model = kendo.data.Model,
    ObservableArray = kendo.data.ObservableArray;

function wrapBackboneModel(backboneModel, fields) {
    return Model.define({
        fields: fields,
        init: function(model) {
            if (!(model instanceof backboneModel)) {
                model = new backboneModel(model);

            Model.fn.init.call(this, model.toJSON());
            this.backbone = model;
        set: function(field, value) {
            Model.fn.set.call(this, field, value);

            this.backbone.set(field, value);

function wrapBackboneCollection(model) {
    return ObservableArray.extend( {
        init: function(collection) {
            ObservableArray.fn.init.call(this, collection.models, model);

            this.collection = collection;

        splice: function(index, howMany) {
            var itemsToInsert, removedItemx, idx, length;

            itemsToInsert = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 2);

            removedItems = kendo.data.ObservableArray.fn.splice.apply(this, arguments);

            if (removedItems.length) {
                for (idx = 0, length = removedItems.length; idx < length; idx++) {

            if (itemsToInsert.length) {
                for (idx = 0, length = itemsToInsert.length; idx < length; idx++) {

            return removedItems;

kendobackboneCollection = wrapBackboneCollection;
kendobackboneModel = wrapBackboneModel;

   var CartListView = Backbone.View.extend({
   el: $("#cartContainer"),
    "click .k-grid-save-changes"  : "save"
   initialize: function(){
   CartCollection.bind("add", this.render, this);
   CartCollection.bind("change:QuantityOrdered", this.render, this);
   CartCollection.bind("change:ExtPriceRate", this.render, this);
render: function(){
  var CartWrapper = kendobackboneModel(cart, {
     ItemCode: { type: "string" },
     ItemDescription: { type: "string" },
     RetailPrice: { type: "string" },
     Qty: { type: "string" },
  var CartCollectionWrapper = kendobackboneCollection(CartWrapper);
    editable: true,
    toolbar: [{ name: "save", text: "Complete" }],
    columns: [
        {field: "ItemDescription", title: "ItemDescription"},
        {field: "QuantityOrdered", title: "Qty",width:80},
        {field: "SalesPriceRate", title: "UnitPrice"},
        {field: "ExtPriceRate", title: "ExtPrice"}
    dataSource: {
      schema: {model: CartWrapper},
      data: new CartCollectionWrapper(cartcollection),

save: function(){
    var input = new Input();
    var invoicecollection = new InvoiceCollection();
    var invoicedetail = new InvoiceDetailCollection();
    _.each(cartcollection.models, function(cart){
        invoicedetail.add( cart );
    input.set({ "Invoices": invoicecollection.toJSON() });
    input.set({ "InvoiceDetails": invoicedetail });

    if( invoicedetail.length === 0){ 
        alert("Shopping Cart is Empty"); 
        input.save(input, {success: function(model, result){
            var InvoiceCode = result.InvoiceCode;
            alert("Transaction Complete., Invoice code:"+InvoiceCode);

return new CartListView;

my Cart Collection

],function(_, Backbone, Cart){
var CartCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model: Cart,
  initialize: function(){

return CartCollection;
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The problem occurs because backboneModel is undefined. Check this code:

var CartWrapper = kendobackboneModel(cart,

I don't see cart defined anywhere in your file. You probably need Cart.

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I don't know if it may help you or not, but try instead of this

if (!(model instanceof backboneModel)) { model = new backboneModel(model); }

write this

if (!model instanceof kendo.data.Model) { model = new backboneModel(model); }


Basicly instanceof comparing object with it's class.. is OBJECT instance of CLASS.. your mistake was that you are comaring object to object.

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i didn't really wrote the code. i used the one on the link. but anyway i tried your suggestion. Now it has an error stating backboneModel is not a constructor; model = new backboneModel(model); –  Dreyfus15 Apr 3 '12 at 5:18

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