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Is there any way to set an organizer's name with ri_cal?

The RFC shows it done this way:

 ORGANIZER;CN="John Smith":MAILTO:jsmith@host.com

But I can't figure out if there is a way to add the ;CN="foo" part to the ORGANIZER entry with ri_cal.

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Had this exact same problem. The solution is, strangely enough, to say 'event.organizer_property' instead of 'event.organizer' ... like this:

      options = {'CN' => our_event.parent.title}
      organizer_property = RiCal::PropertyValue::CalAddress.new(nil,
                                                               :value => url,
                                                               :params => options)
      event.organizer_property = organizer_property

The generated ICS is then correct, like so, with the CN property between the semicolon and the colon:

      ORGANIZER;CN=The Bold Italic:http://localhost/clips/3-the-bold-italic
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ri_cal doesn't seem to escape the property values at all so you need to consider if you need to escape the value - this SO article is useful: stackoverflow.com/questions/3014137/… –  Richard Hollis Oct 31 '13 at 20:52
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Gave up, switched to the icalendar gem.

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