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i have list dropdown list in my activeadmin that populates the recipe and menu im trying to overide the create method but it not working

<%= semantic_form_for [:admin, @menu_recipe] do |f| %>

 <%= f.collection_select :recipe_id,
  Recipe.all,:id,:name,:prompt => true%>
<%= f.collection_select :menu_id,
  Menu.all,:id,:name,:prompt => true%>
<%= f.buttons :commit %>

when ever i try to catch the and create or group it, it comes with a Couldn't find Recipe without an ID error

my active admin controller which i override is

ActiveAdmin.register MenuRecipe do
    menu :parent => "Manage Package"

   form :partial => "menu_recipe"

    controller do
      def new
        new! do |format|
          @menu_recipe = MenuRecipe.new  

      def create
        create! do |format|
          recipe = Recipe.find(params[:recipe_id])
          menu = Menu.find(params[:menu_id])
          @menu_recipe = @menu.add_recipe(menu.id)

          if @menu_recipe.save
            redirect_to {admin_menu_recipe_url}


im i doing it right? if anything is needed please just ask thanks in advance

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One time you use menu another time you use @menu in create method. Maybe this is a problem? –  Grzegorz Łuszczek Apr 3 '12 at 6:52
@GrzegorzŁuszczek even i change the menu = Menu.find(params[:menu_id]) to @menu = Menu.find(params[:menu_id]) still same :( –  Led Apr 3 '12 at 9:10

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My guess is it's how you are getting the recipe_id. I would maybe debug the params and see what the actual values are.

You may need to do something like this:

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