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How can I open Google Maps(using Intents or adding Google Maps into my application) with address? I have the address, but I don't have latitude/longitude. How can I do it? Thank you.

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From my personal Code Library. ;)

public static Intent viewOnMap(String address) {
    return new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW,

public static Intent viewOnMap(String lat, String lng) {
    return new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW,
                      Uri.parse(String.format("geo:%s,%s", lat, lng)));
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You can use Google Geocoding API, which converts your physical address into latitude and longitude. API returns it into XML or JSON format. You just need to parse the data to get latitude and longitude. After receiving latitude and longitude you can load it on mapview.

Geocoding api link :

Hope this helps.

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use below code,

String map = "" + check; 

// where check is the address string

Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(map));
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Change the bold part of this URL to your company address. It's best if you replace all spaces with a plus (+) character, but should work with spaces too:,+New+York,+NY+10018,+USA&output=csv&oe=utf8&sensor=false

Raise a request to above URL. For more information refer

This will generate a code that looks something like this:


The first number, 200, says that the address is good. The second number, 8, indicates how accurate the address is. The last two numbers, 40.7562008 and -73.9903784, are the latitude and longitude of this address. Use these to get your google map working.

Note : The above steps have been copied from

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