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I'm using the low-level API in Google App Engine for Java and want to get all the child entities of a particular parent entity:

Given the following graph:

Parent (1)
+ --- Child A (2)
|    |
|    + --- Child B (3)
+ --- Child A (4)

I want a list like the following

[Child A (2), Child B (3), Child A (4)]

Here is my best attempt:

Entity pe = new Entity("parent");

Entity c1 = new Entity("childA", pe.getKey());
Entity c2 = new Entity("childB", c1.getKey());
Entity c3 = new Entity("childA", pe.getKey());

// storage code left out for brevity

Key parentKey = KeyFactory.createKey(null, "parent", 1);

// According to documentation this should work (but does not)
PreparedQuery q = datastore.prepare(new Query(parentKey));
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I found out that this is a known bug in the local development server. When uploading to google it works fine

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Is this a known bug? Is there a link on the bug tracker? – Gilberto Torrezan Apr 25 '14 at 15:22
Were you able to find a bug fix for this issue? Because I am also developing something on GAE, and am fed up running update every few seconds!!! – plutonium1991 Nov 4 '15 at 2:55

Wouldn't getKey() be a method, not a property (ent.getKey(), not ent.getKey?

Also, isn't parentKey the same as pe.getKey()?

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Thank you, I fixed the typo. As far as pe.getKey(), I only have the Id number when the query is actually performed, so I thought I would include how I got the key. – Erick Fleming Jun 15 '09 at 23:29

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