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what does cascade->flag and cascade->count signify I want to use this trained haar classifier to detect face , how can I use without using opencv ready made function .

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Here is my function applying cvHaarDetectObjects using cascade from opencv. I use cv::resize to perform detection on small image (faster) and cv::equalizeHist. Flags is the signature and count is the number of stages in the cascade. You should read the opencv documentation.

cv::Rect Detect(const cv::Mat & img){
  // rectangle result
  cv::Rect rdet;
  // small img size
  int w = img.cols/img_scale_;
  int h = img.rows/img_scale_;
  if((small_img_.rows!=h) || (small_img_.cols!=w))small_img_.create(h,w,CV_8U);
  // grayscale img
  cv::Mat gray;
  if(img.channels() == 1)gray = img;
  // perform detection
  IplImage ipl_simg = small_img_;
  CvSeq* obj = cvHaarDetectObjects(&ipl_simg,cascade_,storage_,
  if(obj->total == 0){
    return cv::Rect(0,0,0,0);
  int maxv = 0;
  for(int i = 0; i < obj->total; i++){
    CvRect* r = (CvRect*)cvGetSeqElem(obj,i);
      if(i == 0 || maxv < r->width*r->height){
        maxv = r->width*r->height;
        rdet.x = r->x*img_scale_;
        rdet.y = r->y*img_scale_;
        rdet.width  = r->width*img_scale_;
        rdet.height = r->height*img_scale_;
  return rdet;
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Here u are using opencv . I want to detect without it . Just don't know how to use the cascade classifier . – Priyanka Apr 3 '12 at 10:23

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