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I use strophe.js library with Openfire to send and receive XMPP messages in browser. It works fine, but only for users I already have in my contact list - roster. I need to get the new users registered. i know how to add existing people in my roster but i dont know how to register new users on openfire.

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Use XEP-0077, there already exists a plugin in Strophe's plugin repo.

If not, as a user with admin rights, you need to implement the Add User from XEP-0133. Presumably this would be done on the server.

Finally, there seems to exist the quick and dirty solution of an HTTP API.

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Register-Plugin does not working with OpenFire BOSH Manager – firewall Dec 22 '13 at 2:59

Using`strophe.register.js you can regoster new user on your xmpp server.

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