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I'm using TortoiseSVN 1.6.12, and seeing something very strange behaviour on property substitution. I have some svn:keyword properties (configured via TSVN) like this:

Author, LastChangedBy, Date, DateLastChanged

which I've applied recursively across every file in the codeset

I then did a simple test on a text file like this

Some text

When I commit my changes, the Author and LastChangedBy properties are substituted but not the Date or LastChangedDate ones. I did some experimenting around combinations and it appears that either the author properties are set, or the date ones (but never both). So it must be doing some validation based on property groups. (In TSVN, you can't simply created another svn:keywords entry, you're stuck with one).

Has anyone ever encountered this and/or is there a workaround?

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The problem you have is simply based on that SVN only replaces keywords which are known to SVN. You are using the following list of keywords set:

Author, LastChangedBy, Date, DateLastChanged

but you have placeholders set in your text file:


the known keywords are the following:

  URL, HeadURL           
  Author, LastChangedBy
  Date, LastChangedDate
  Rev, Revision

The problem you have that svn:keywords must exactly represents the keywords you would like to replace with values. But be aware that keywords are case sensitive. Furthermore you have defined a keyword "DateLastChanged" which does simply not exist and will of course not be replaced by SVN, cause it's unknown by SVN. On the other hand i assume you have a typo in your svn:keywords contents. may be you can copy&past the output of

svn pl . -v filename 

on command line on that file. One point i missed before have you separated the keywords with a space?

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dot is mistake in proplist command, I think –  Lazy Badger Apr 3 '12 at 15:30
Thanks, I did some more reading and the properties are actually identical anyway. I assumed date was "date created" and "lastchangeddate" was when the last commit was made. Not the case –  raven Apr 3 '12 at 23:01

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