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I am having issues with understanding how to make this happen, basically we have an API, the user sends a json of the format: (excuse the code if not perfect but you understand)

{"Profile": [{
            "Last :"Doe",
                      "Message":"Peter likes apples"

Ok not sure if I got that JSON formatted correctly but now here is my issue, I have a class called Profile with parameters Name, Last, and an object as one of its members called Client as well as property Date.

Something like this:

public class Profile
     public string Name {get; set;}
     public string Last {get; set;}
     public Client client {get; set;}
     public DateTime dDate {get; set;}   

So basically, I am not sure how to grab the JSON and then map it to my object... Any help with "helping" me understand would be much appreciated.


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You can use Json.Net to deserialize your json string as (with some modifications to your classes)

var yourObject =  JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Root>(jsonstring);

public class Root
    public Profile[] Profile;

public class Profile
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string Last { get; set; }
    public Client Client { get; set; }
    public DateTime Date { get; set; }

public class Client
    public int ClientId;
    public string Product;
    public string Message;
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Cool, whats the role of the Root class?, sorry if a newbie question :) –  user710502 Apr 3 '12 at 7:00
Since your Profile array is inside of an object(json's root object doesn't have a name like xml). I named it Root, you can choose any name you want –  L.B Apr 3 '12 at 7:02
Wow!........... –  Bomboca Sep 4 '12 at 14:21

You can use a JSON library for this, for example JSON.NET which is free. It will map json to your types automatically.


    public static T Deserialize(string json)
        Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializer s = new JsonSerializer();
        return s.Deserialize<T>(new JsonTextReader(new StringReader(json)));
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Is there something free :) –  user710502 Apr 3 '12 at 6:55
Oh i just saw it is is free, when i clicked first it took me to buy something , my apologies. –  user710502 Apr 3 '12 at 6:56
Just FYI you can also add it as a Nuget package directly in VS, which is very comfortable –  Marek Apr 3 '12 at 6:58

DataContractJsonSerializer does the job, but it uses more sophisticated format for DateTime serialization.

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