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am a newbie to CSS and SCSS, so please excuse me if its a very basic question. I searched around the web for the answer, but I could not find a helpful result.

In the following code,

.title {
    width: 718px;
    &.sub-title {
      width: 938px;

What does &. means? Is it same as nesting class?

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The & concatenates the parent class, resulting in .title.sub-title (rather than .title .sub-title if the & is omitted).

The result is that with the & it matches an element with both title and sub-title classes:

<div class='title sub-title'></div> <!-- << match -->

whilst without the & it would match a descendent with class sub-title of an element with class title:

<div class='title'>
    <div class='sub-title'></div> <!-- << match -->
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To make it a bit more clear .title.sub-title means elements that have both classes. .title .sub-title means that .subtitle is the descendant of .title – CodeCrack Dec 18 '13 at 0:06

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