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I want to animate UIBarButtonItemin he NavigationBar from left to right when i flip the view. How can i do this.Thanks!

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Technically, it shouldn't be done. You have no access to the UIBarButton that is the backing of the UIBarButtonItem - the item is used as a placeholder for this reason: you shouldn't be touching the view.

If you wanted to do it anyway, you have two options: either implement the button yourself, using UIButton and the -[UIBarButtonItem intWithCustomView:] method, or hit test the navigation bar for the button located at that location, and move it manually, but setting that view's frame.

May I stress I don't recommend the second option, as it is a major hack.

The first option would require you to Unset the button from the navigation bar, add it where it was on top of the navigation bar as a subview, then move it. Once moved, you'd remove it from the navigation bar, put it back in another UIBarButtonItem wrapper, and set it to the navigation item's right side animated.

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I just answered a similar question here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/11070043/168446

Essentially, there's another option (if you use iOS5): Use an animated UIImage as the image of the UIBarButtonItem.

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