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I'm having problems making Lua & Luabind work under Windows 7 using VS 2010. So far, I've downloaded LuaBinaries from and Luabind from . I've set up my environment variables BOOST_ROOT and LUA_PATH accordingly in the Command Line as mentioned in Luabind's INSTALL file and I can't get past this error:

C:\lua\luabind>bjam stage
error: at Jamroot:41
error: *** Unable to determine Lua include directory.

If anyone has been able to build Luabind under Windows any hint is much appreciated! Even more, if anyone has been able to set up a VS 2010 C++ project with Lua & Luabind and is willing to share I'll be more than thankful!

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Check that LUA_PATH exist in current* enviroment. –  Xeningem Apr 3 '12 at 10:57
Already verified that it exists –  nairdaen Apr 3 '12 at 23:27

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Hm... Very strange... How I build luabind under MSVS2008Express. I download (luabind jam-file not properly configured for lua 5.2 ), setup enviroment, build boost, build luabind.

Step by step:

  • Download boost, luabinaries (5.1), luabind
  • Build boost (I already have 1.46.1 and not rebuild it)
  • Setup enviroment variable (right-click on My Computer->Properties->Advanced-> button "Environment Variables" for permanent variables, or use SET for local) In the command interpreter:

    set BOOST_ROOT=g:\from_work\repo\Env\Boost

    set LUA_PATH=d:\test\sover\lua

  • Go to the luabind directory and run bjam stage (bjam must be in PATH), luabind was builded. I don't test it, just build. I hope this help.

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This worked! Thanks :D –  nairdaen Apr 14 '12 at 20:25

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