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I am developping a migration program, which transfers the data from sybase to postgresql in grails. In the backend, a grails migration service is running in a dedicated thread. In the frontend, I want to display how many data and how much time the grails service takes. In this moment, I can only manually refresh the gsp page so that the current time can number of data can be displayed on the gsp page. However, a good idea is to refresh the gsp page automatically via ajax timer. I try to use the setInterval or setTimeOut on HTML, but it somehow doesn't work at all. The following is my grails controller and corresponding view

def migrateSchuldner() {
    def isRunning = personMigrationThreadService.isRunning() // boolean is the Service is running
    def results = MigrationRun.findAllByEndDateIsNull()
    def threadInfo
    if (results.empty) {
        def runCounter = personMigrationService.lastRun()
        threadInfo = MigrationRun.findByCounter(runCounter) // threadInfo contains the Date and processedData and ErrorData
    else {
        threadInfo = results.get(0)
    render view: 'migrateSchuldner', model: [threadInfo: threadInfo, isRunning: isRunning]

The corresponding view is:

<%@ page import="de.rvgmbh.nemesis.domain.security.Role" %>
<sec:ifAnyGranted roles="ROLE_ADMIN,ROLE_MIGRATION">
<g:applyLayout name="mainSecured" params="[currentTopNavigationIndex: 'migration',  currentLeftNavigationIndex: 3]">
        <title>${message(code: 'page.migration.migrate.SchuldnerData.headline.show')}  

    <div class="span-20 rightBorder">
        <h3>${message(code: "page.migration.migrate.schuldnerData.headline.show")}</h3>

    <fieldset id="migration-form">
            <tr><td style="background-color: transparent">
                <g:if test="${isRunning}">
                        ${message(code: 'page.migration.migrate.SchuldnerData.migrationInProgress')}
                    <g:form action="migrateSchuldnerButtonClick" method="post" useToken="true">
                        ${message(code: 'page.migration.migrate.SchuldnerData.legend.text')}
                        <input type="submit"
                               value= ${message(code: "page.migration.migrate.SchuldnerData.submit.text")}>
                <g:if test="${threadInfo}">
                    <g:if test="${!isRunning}">
                            ${message(code: 'page.migration.migrate.SchuldnerData.lastResult')}
                            <label>${message(code: 'page.migration.migrate.SchuldnerData.currentTime')}:</label>
                            <label>${message(code: 'page.migration.migrate.SchuldnerData.processedPersons')}:</label>

                            <label>${message(code: 'page.migration.migrate.SchuldnerData.personErrors')}:</label>

                            <label>${message(code: 'page.migration.migrate.SchuldnerData.processedPersonData')}:</label>

                            <label>${message(code: 'page.migration.migrate.SchuldnerData.dataErrors')}:</label>


The thing is the variable currentRuntime, processedPersons... are always updating inside the thread. I have to refresh the gsp view to get the current time and processedPersons. Does anyone have a idea which Ajax timer I should use to achieve the goal

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Can you show your Javascript code? –  Igor Artamonov Apr 3 '12 at 9:37

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1) Move the whole <fieldset id="migration-form"> to a separate action, say, progress with progress.gsp. Enclose the action include into a div with id:

def progress = {
  [threadInfo: threadInfo]

in main page:

<div id="migration_progress">
  <g:include action="progress" model="[threadInfo: threadInfo]">

2) Use remoteFunction to update migration_progress div by timer like:

onsomething="${remoteFunction(action: 'progress', update: 'migration_progress')"
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