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when I was testing its examples, I was confused about its coordinates.

In the mspaint.py in Examples/

#make sure the pencil tool is selected

pwin.Tools2.Click(coords = (91, 16))

The Tools2 references the painting tools pannel. But I don't know what the (91,16) means, the notes says “make sure the pencil tool is selected", But It seems that (91,16) is not point to the pencil whether from left-top or right-top window coordinate.

And if I manually select the brush tool, running the above code would not select the pencil, so apparently it is not correct.

another confusing thing is that when I run the following code

        pwin=app.window_(title_re = ".*-Paint")

the console shows that

AfxControlBar42u - 'Tools' (L4,T50,R4,B334)

What does (L4,T50,R4,B334) means? if left-top is (4,50), and the right-bottom is (4,334) It apparently is not a rectangle.

Does anyone can help me? Thank you.

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Yes, you got it right, it seems you are dealing with a degenerate control with zero width.

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