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I have a stock list in a .csv file and i am using a csv to table plugin in Joomla to view all the data.

What the plugin creates is that..

<table class="arttable_table">
      <th class="header0">Aricle</th>
      <th class="header1">amount</th><th class="header2">minimum amount</th>
      <td class="cell0">Coffee</td>
      <td class="cell1">5</td>
      <td class="cell2">10</td>
      <td class="cell0">Milk</td>
      <td class="cell1">7</td>
      <td class="cell2">5</td>
      <td class="cell0">Bread</td>
      <td class="cell1">8</td>
      <td class="cell2">15</td>
  <!-- ... and so on! -->

The only thing i would like to do is:
If the amount is smaller than the minimum amount, make the amount background red. The problem is that the classes repeat. So i can not just say:

if (parseInt($(".cell1").text()) < parseInt($(".cell2").text())) {
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Why not do a loop?

$('.cell1').each(function() {
  if ( parseInt($(this).text()) < parseInt($(this).siblings(".cell2").text()) ) {
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uhh, many thanks:)) – Andrew Jackson Apr 3 '12 at 8:35
@AndrewJackson filter function is more handy since you then have the filtered list of cells on which you could perform other actions if needed – jb10210 Apr 3 '12 at 9:17

Use the filter method:

$('.cell1').filter(function() {
    return parseInt($(this).text()) < parseInt($(this).next('.cell2').text());

See jsFiddle

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