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I'm programming a Google Maps based Android application. The application itself runs fine, without any issues. I can see the map, zoom to my current location etc. etc. All permissions should be fine according to the AndroidManifest.xml. I also have an API key for the map which is working. When the map is loaded I get the above mentioned error. I've searched the Internet and it seems to be an API bug. I would really like to get this confirmed by someone who maybe has had the same problem. If it is possible to fix the issue, it would be preferred of course.

I hope that someone can confirm that this is just an API bug or maybe has some fix to the problem.

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see this post maybe helpful Couldn't get connection factory client – ρяσѕρєя K Apr 3 '12 at 8:26
@harish I'm sorry but it doesn't solve the problem. – hrhldt Apr 3 '12 at 8:32
@imrankhan I have also looked into your solution. But unfortunately its not what I need, though it says that it might be an API error. – hrhldt Apr 3 '12 at 8:33
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I don't know if it is an API error or not. But I can tell you one thing, I have 3 real Apps based on Maps and I see this error all the time, it never hurts if that what you need to know. Good luck

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I am going to confirm. I get this error as well with functioning apps, in my MapActivity, and it doesn't seem to do any harm. That said, I have not been able to track down the source leading me to believe it is in fact an API bug.

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In my case, it has same issue, when I put some code to get location provider with fine accuracy. Emulator did Samsung Galaxy 2 as well.

    Crieteria mCriteria;

    if (mCriteria==null){
        mCriteria = new Criteria();

    return mManager.getBestProvider(mCriteria, true);

So, I removed the code and it did work fine again. I hope this would be helpful.

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