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I've recently ported my Qt project from qmake to CMake. My main program contains a value which depends on a #define directive.

I want to specify that define directive externally via CMake and build 3 differently named versions of the same executable.

How should I do it?

I've seen set_target_properties but this only works for libraries and not for executables.

For example I want that the following program,

 int main()

    cout << BUILDTYPE << endl;

it's compiled in 3 different flavors (3 executables) based on the BUILDTYPE "define" For example in my CMakeLists.txt I want to specify

add_executable(myAppV1 -DBUILDTYPE=1)
add_executable(myAppV2 -DBUILDTYPE=2)
add_executable(myAppV3 -DBUILDTYPE=3)

but this is not the correct syntax. Some hint? and I get 3 executables which prints

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Are you sure that set_target_properties does not work? How about this one:

set_target_properties(myAppV1 PROPERTIES COMPILE_FLAGS "-DBUILDTYPE=1")



On my machine it works:

add_executable(myAppV1 main.cpp)
add_executable(myAppV2 main.cpp)
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Thank you! I have to move the set_target_properties after the add_executable and use it in the second version you wrote add_executable(myAppv1 main.cpp) set_target_properties(myAppV1 PROPERTIES COMPILE_DEFINITIONS "BUILDTYPE=1") but NOT this way add_executable(myAppv1 main.cpp) set_target_properties(myAppV1 PROPERTIES COMPILE_DEFINITIONS "-DBUILDTYPE=1") – linello Apr 3 '12 at 9:23

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