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I want to sync planning values between two planning entities. In this case, I want to make two SubjecTeacherPeriod choose periods that "coincide" with each other, even though their possible value ranges are disjoint.

STP s1: period-N/A periodList->[1,2,3,4,5,6]
STP s2: period-N/A periodList->[106,107,108,109,110,111]
SyncConstraint(leftSTP = s1,rightSTP = s2)
<A rule for SyncConstraint that checks if s1.period and s2.period are compatible>

For example Periods 1 and 106 are compatible as they are both "first hours of Monday". Likewise for 2 and 107.

I did set planning entity difficulty which assigns s2 right after s1 (I saw the log). But they are assigned values which are not compatible. And the system never recovers from such an error at the end of the solver action.

How can I make them sync?

Where I mentioned "compatible" and "coincide", I mean Periods which have two fields (day of week and day order) equal. Each class (and each SubjectTeacherPeriod whose possible periods in that class) has separate Periods.

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On the class Period, create a getter getPeriodType() (which returns "first hours on Monday" for example) and then add a score rule like this:

    MyEntity($leftType: period.periodType, $leftId : id, ...)
    MyEntity(period.periodType != $leftType, id < $leftId, ...)

Or if a Period can have multiple types, don't create that getter, but create a relation class PeriodToPeriodTypeLink:

    MyEntity($leftP : period, $leftId : id, ...)
    MyEntity($rightP : period, id != $leftId, ...)
    PeriodToPeriodTypeLink(period == $leftP, $t : type)
    not PeriodToPeriodTypeLink(period == $rightP, type == $t)
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