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I'm looking for a railsy way to stream partial views in Rails 3.2+. Right now streaming is supported only for yielding parts in layout from template via provide. But say I have n posts on a blog page, each post is generated in partial in about 300ms (please don't ask why it's so long) and I want user to start reading the first post immediately as it's ready.

Is it possible in rails now? Is there a way to explicitly "flush" the generated output like in php?

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Not sure what your loading scheme is in your controller so I would be very curious to see that. I would personally only load ahead a few 'posts' since you want to provide an enjoyable user experience.

So I would try something like this (pseudo):


def index
  @posts = Posts.load_active
  #other control logic

def self.load_active
  @posts.find(:all, :conditions => "whatevs:, :limit => your_magic_number)

def load_next(pointer)
     @posts.find(:all, :conditions =>  ["index > (?)", pointer], :limit => ymn)

The key to it all is the javascript that would tie it all together. I am curious about how you are handling this and hopefully you can imagine a scenario where you can actively call for an update depending on the current location of the reader.

Also to address your point about a flush equivalent. Unfortunately Rails does not support streaming regular requests. However you may want to look into something like [the Action Controler::Streaming] if you hadn't checked it out already1. Since you have >3.1 you might as well utilize it.

If you have any questions hit me up and I'll do my best to assist. Sorry if my pseudo-code was too brief for the description

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Thank you Dan! This approach (splitting loading of a big page into several requests to server) is of course obvious and right. But I was looking for streaming the body of regular requests, as it seemed to me useless to give the functionality of provide method in rails without enabling page to stream its repeating contents. –  antonbaron Aug 19 '13 at 14:05
aw i see what you are trying to do. Pretty much a running stream of the body that will update with the users location of viewing? I can try to whip something up for a streaming of the body –  Dan Bradbury Aug 19 '13 at 14:15
Exactly. Well, that would be nice. Although I don't have to solve this issue anymore, other people will get the answer. –  antonbaron Aug 20 '13 at 8:43

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