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I have to build the dojo tool kit for dojo optimisation. I have download the file from now i have run the instraction as in readme.txt file. now for build time it is showing me this "no profile provided" I have set all sccording to the instraction as in readme.txt file. and last What is the another path for this " ./ -profileFile=../../test.profile.js action=clean,release releaseName=myRelease"

command i think its a linux command i have change this. " build.bat -profileFile=../../test.profile.js action=clean,release releaseName=myRelease " but it is not finding the test.profile.js and it is saying me that no profile is provided. can any body help me out Thanks

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This may help you.… – OammieR Apr 3 '12 at 9:10
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The path for the profile is relative to the build.bat

If the following is the directory structure:


then the path would look like ../../myProfile.js

Since this is the path that you posted, verify that the profile is where I described above.

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