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I need to redirect all the old URLs on my site to new URLs, but am having issues. A given URL and its subfolders need redirecting to the same page.

For example, this is the first one:

redirect 301 /panache/sports-bra/

This works ok. However there are these size sub-pages which need to redirect to the same location:

redirect 301 /panache/sports-bra/30DD

redirect 301 /panache/sports-bra/30E

redirect 301 /panache/sports-bra/30F

And these don't work, I end up at a location like the following:

See the way the last part of the path is appended to the url? I'm guessing it's because the second redirect is conflicting with the initial 301 redirect?

I have also tried using this rewrite rule but have had no luck. The site is Magento so I don't know if this has some effect? mod_rewrite is enabled on the server.

RewriteRule ^panache/sports-bra/ [R=301]

Any help mucha ppreciated.

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Try this.

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^(panache/sports-bra/.*)$ /sports-bra.html [L,R=301,NC]
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