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How to find out what class is referenced the most?

I want to find the most important classes in a large system and i think that is the best way to do it. any ideas?

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maybe the JDepend is what you looking for.

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Maybe the Metrics plugin can do it? I haven’t tried it, but on the home page it mentions two coupling metrics and shows pretty graphs.

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Use VisualVM and then go to Sampler -> Memory and you will see a graph as below representing the number of instances (not exactly the reference number):

Alternatively you can use some Eclipse plugins (I use inCode) or Sonar for statically obtaining the reference count.

enter image description here

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which is accesible via java_home/bin/jvisualvm – NimChimpsky Apr 3 '12 at 9:25

Another similar tool CodePro - Dependency Analysis.

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You can use the Netbeans Profiler tools.

If you choose the Memory mode you will be able to know Live Bytes /Live Objects / Allocated Objects and more per classes.

I think this way you can find out the classes you use the more or that use the more memory.

You have to run the app to know the results I don't know if your looking for a "static" way.

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