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My android page has 10 EditText and 10 TextView. but there is no space in my screen in the Graphical Layout. i just added 5 only. im using Scroll layout. how to add additional 5 items in the screen without reducing the items height. Is there any coding here.?

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comment some views already added. Then the bottom view will comes to top and you can add more view and also you can see that. –  ilango j Apr 3 '12 at 9:33

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You can add multiple items inside a LinearLayout. Since ScrollView is scrollable it won't affect the dimensions of the Views inside. You can add as many views as you need without worrying about screen size or View size..

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A ScrollView can have only one direct child, so you need to put all the other Views in a Layout, such as LinearLayout and put that layout in ScrollView

Make your ScrollView's height as match_parent and the inner LinearLayout's height as wrap_content. The LinearLayout will stretch according to the number of children inside it and if the height exceeds the height of the ScrollView, the overflow can be seen by scrolling. If the ScrollView and inner Layout both have same height or if ScrollView have larger height than inner Layout, the scrolling won't happen for obvious reason.

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You should add a LinearLayout as the only child inside your ScrollView. Then get a reference to that LinearLayout :


and then add Views dynamically from code using :

EditText et=new EditText(...);
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