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I'm trying to have an autocomplete text field on a rails application. My issue concerns a customized data source.

Here's how I get the data: I look for the contact name, the id and add a category to show it on the autocomplete using this example

If the user is a friend, the category is contacts, otherwise the category is others

@result = Array.new
# find the current user id when its viewed as a contact
@current_contact = Contact.find_by_user_id(current_user).id
#go through all the contacts
Contact.order('name ASC').each do |a|
  #if the current contact is a friend of the user
  if Relationship.find_by_user_id_and_contact_id(current_user, a)
    #add it to the array with the 'contacts' category
    @result << [a.name, a.id, 'contacts']
    #if its not a friend, and its not himself, add it to the array with the 'others' category
    unless @current_contact == a.id
      @result << [a.name.to_s,a.id, 'others']

How do i output this format so the autocomplete function can take it as a data source?

The example shows the format i'm looking for, which it seem to be json format

var data = [
{ label: "andreas andersson", category: "People" },
{ label: "andreas johnson", category: "People" }

But I can't seem to convert my output to that one. I've tried


var data = [["AL Tohtori",279,"others"],["Abat Karine",296,"others"]]


@result.map {|r| {:label => r[0], :value => r[1], :category => r[2] } }

i can't seem to have it either.

Any suggestions?


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You could try combining the approaches:

@result.map {|r| {:label => r[0], :value => r[1], :category => r[2] } }.to_json

If that doesn't help it might be best to use a JSON view library like JBuilder. There is a good screencast about it here.

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