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We have been using ICS, THtmlSmtpCli to send emails from our applications for some time now, both in the Main VCL thread and Threads. Earlier this week we discovered that it we are no longer able to send email from Threads. Sending it from the main VCL thread works fine.

So, I my question is two-fold:

  1. Has anybody experienced the same problem?
  2. Are there any other components that we could look at to send emails from Delphi Apps.

The code we use is as follows ...

FRunning := True;
FHtmlSmtpClient := THtmlSmtpCli.Create(nil);
with FHtmlSmtpClient do
    Port := '25';
    Host := FHost;
    AuthType := smtpAuthNone;
    ConfirmReceipt := FReadReceipt;
    HdrPriority := smtpPriorityNone;
    ContentType := smtpHtml;
    FromName := FFromAddr;
    HdrFrom := FFromAddr;
    HdrTo := FToAddr;
    HdrSubject := FSubject;

    OnCommand := FHtmlSmtpClientCommand;
    OnRequestDone := FHtmlSmtpClientRequestDone;
    OnSessionClosed := FHtmlSmtpClientSessionClosed;

    { Start first operation to do to send an email          }
    { Next operations are started from OnRequestDone event  }

//Process the requests to send the email
procedure FHtmlSmtpClientRequestDone(Sender: TObject; RqType: TSmtpRequest; ErrorCode:     word);
  if not FRunning then

  { Start next operation, but first check if previous one was OK }
  if ErrorCode <> 0 then
      FRunning := FALSE;   { Terminate All-In-One demo }

  case RqType of
        if FHtmlSmtpClient.AuthType = smtpAuthNone then

    smtpHelo: FHtmlSmtpClient.MailFrom;
    smtpEhlo: FHtmlSmtpClient.Auth;
    smtpAuth: FHtmlSmtpClient.MailFrom;
    smtpMailFrom: FHtmlSmtpClient.RcptTo;
    smtpRcptTo: FHtmlSmtpClient.Data;
    smtpData: FHtmlSmtpClient.Quit;
    smtpQuit: FRunning := FALSE;

Regards, Pieter.

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OK, so where does it get stuck? Does it fail to resolve the server, fail to connect, faile to authorize, fail to send, fail to close? You have the code there - we cannot magically tell what is wrong! –  Martin James Apr 3 '12 at 9:52
I use Synapse ararat.cz/synapse/doku.php without any problems. Although I have never tried to send emails from different threads. But I assume it should be no problem with Synapse as they are basic objects (not TComponent descendants) and you don't need to catch any events if you don't want to. –  oxo Apr 3 '12 at 9:53
I suspect a message pump is needed. –  mj2008 Apr 3 '12 at 9:56
Synapse may well experience th same issue, (whatever that is:). The Indy mail component is being instantiated in the thread, (FHtmlSmtpClient := THtmlSmtpCli.Create(nil);), and is not plonked on some form. This must have to do with something 'Earlier this week'. –  Martin James Apr 3 '12 at 9:57
Oh - please forgive me - I misread the original mail. ICS, not Indy! @mj2008 may well be right. Nevertheless, if the code worked last week, then the thread must have been running a message loop last week & so we're back to 'what has changed?'. Has someone added some VCL property set/method call that they should not have? –  Martin James Apr 3 '12 at 10:08

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To answer your second question, you can use Indy, which ships with Delphi. It has TIdMessage and TIdSMTP components, and a TIdMessageBuilderHtml utility class.

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Thanks for the tip. I found a link to a blog post that you made. Our emails now work perfectly well. projectindy.org/Sockets/Blogs/RLebeau/2005_08_17_A.EN.aspx The Original post by stackoverflow.com/users/11480/tondrej is here: stackoverflow.com/questions/673519/send-email-in-html-format –  Pieter van Wyk Apr 4 '12 at 10:35

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