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I have a button made from a data controls 'CreateInsert' operation. I have set a boolean in my code (initialized to false) and when the createInsert button is clicked, I want to check this boolean before executing it's operation. However, in this button's ActionListener, is nothing related to the CreateInsert operation I need to stop if my boolean check returns true..

Now my question is, where is the real Action handling for the CreateInsert button/how can I control it (stop it from executing) in my code?

Thanks in advance!

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i have no idea what you are trying to ask. Please take a moment and carefully reword your question ( grammar counts!) and I'll see if I can help. – Joe Apr 4 '12 at 14:30

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create a managed bean to the create insert button(I hope u can do that). now open the managed bean java class , it automatically contains create insert method somewhat like this :::

BindingContainer bindings = getBindings(); OperationBinding operationBinding = bindings.getOperationBinding("CreateInsert1"); Object result = operationBinding.execute(); if (!operationBinding.getErrors().isEmpty()) { return null; } return null;

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Thanks a lot! :) – Mark Tielemans Oct 3 '12 at 14:13

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