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i know that autohotkey is opensource software. but i need 'autohotkeysc.bin' 's source code how could i get it ? or does anyone have exe2ahk.exe (autohotkey decompiler) source code ?

this is junk code
// Copy our sc.bin file to the destination
if ( (fbin = fopen(m_szAutoItSC, "rb")) == NULL)
    SetCursor(LoadCursor(NULL, IDC_ARROW)); // Reset cursor
    return false;

// Open the dest file (overwrite if required)
if ( (fdest = fopen(szDest, "w+b")) == NULL )
    SetCursor(LoadCursor(NULL, IDC_ARROW)); // Reset cursor
    return false;

// Copy the bin file to the destination then close the bin file
while ( fread(&ch, 1, 1, fbin) != 0)
    fwrite(&ch, 1, 1, fdest);

fclose(fbin);                               // Close sc.bin
fclose(fdest);                              // Close destination
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All the source code for AutoHotkey_L is on GitHub.

AutoHotkeySC.bin is generated after AutoHotkey.exe is compiled. The process is done by this script.

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