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I have a form whereby user is required to input a UTC date and a UTC time. The corresponding local date and time will be displayed to the user upon any change in the input fields. The following is the HTML code:

 UTC Date: <input type=text name=cDate value='' size=6 onchange='showLT();'>(DDMMYY)
 UTC Time: <input type=text name=cTime value='' size=4 onchange='showLT();'>(HHMM)
 Local Date and Time: <span id='local'></span>

<script type='text/javascript'>
function showLT() {
 var A = document.forms[0].cDate.value;
 var B = document.forms[0].cTime.value;
 var C = new Date(A.slice(4,6), A.slice(2,4)-1, A.slice(0,2),
  B.slice(0,2), B.slice(2,4), 0);
 document.getElementById('local').innerHTML = C.toLocaleString();

I am facing two problems:

  1. For two digits year, I always thought it should be interpreted to fall within the range 1970 to 2069. However, when I tried input the UTC date as 131211, the year is interpreted to be 1911 and not 2011.
  2. The display date shown is Wed 13 Dec 1911 08:32:00 MALT, which I presume is the time for Malta, not my locale which is +8 hours away. I have no problem displaying my local time in other functions where toLocaleString() is applied. I am surprise that it shows a different time zone in this case.
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You'll want to specify a four digit year... or add +100 to the current year.

UTC time and POSIX Epoch time are two different things.

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