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What was the command for printing the structure of R objects to the console in the 'structure'function format?

I'm breaking my head all morning over this command that I ougth to know.

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The function is dput (or dump).

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thanks that was it. –  Mischa Vreeburg Apr 3 '12 at 10:39

I think str function (aka structure) has more consistently useful information than dump.

From the R help:

Compactly Display the Structure of an Arbitrary R Object


Compactly display the internal structure of an R object, a diagnostic function and an 
alternative to summary (and to some extent, dput). Ideally, only one line for each 
‘basic’ structure is displayed. It is especially well suited to compactly display the 
(abbreviated) contents of (possibly nested) lists. The idea is to give reasonable 
output for any R object. It calls args for (non-primitive) function objects.

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