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I am trying to access an NSMatrix object called "matrix" from my code. The object is generated in a NIB, but I keep having problems to access the object that was generated in the interface builder.

If my NSDocument has an NSMatrix *matrix, what should I do in the interface builder to link these two? And preferably, to use the initial layout from IB?


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I think you are trying to create an outlet to the matrix. Just create a property in your .h file between the @interface and @end keywords:

@property (nonatomic) IBOutlet NSMatrix* myMatrix;

and then hold down the ctrl key and drag from 'File Owner' to the matrix object in IB. Make sure you

@synthesize myMatrix;

in your .m file between the @implementation and @end keywords and you should be able to access all of the properties via dot notation or message calls using:


I hope that helps!

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