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not sure how to formulate the question correctly.

i've got two web-apps: A with a servlet and B with two servlets, both protected by basic authentication in web.xml (deployed to weblogic server).

a user authenticates to A and to one of B's servlets (not sure if what i say here is total rubbish) using browser-native login/password window (that's managed by weblogic).

however, the servlet of application A should as well call the other of B's servlets and that requires authentication also.

the question is: can it be avoided? the user has already authenticated to both of web-apps, so i'd like to just somehow reuse this authentication (i'm really not good at all these http session things terminology, don't throw rocks at me :)).

cookies can't be used it seems, as it is really server-side communication.

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following should fix the problem:

  1. create javax.servlet.Filter that extracts jsessionid from requests and stores it per user somehow (in my case i put it to org.springframework.security.core.Authentication as details, making sure this filter runs after spring-security's one).

  2. add it to each servlet-servlet request as cookie header:


    where appropriate.

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