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I have the following tables

  ActionID   Action  NextActionID

    1        Submit      2
    2        Forward     3
    3        Approve    NULL

UserID ActionID
  5     1
  6     2
  7     3
  8     2

I want output like this

Action(Key) UserIDs(List)
  1          6

  2          7
  3         "Empty List"

What I have tried so for is as follows

(from a in actions join uar in UserActionRights on a.NextActionID equals uar.ActionID
Select new 

}).ToList().AsEnumerable().GroupBy(x => x.ActionID).Select(y => new 
                               Action = y.Key,
                               UserIDs = y.Select(tp=>tp.UserID)

Now when user with ID=5 logged in I get empty output as it doesn't have the right for ActionID=2,3. I need to modify the query to get the desired result

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It took some thinking to infer that you need a list of users privileged to do the actions subsequent to the key action:

UserActionRights.Select(u => new
    { ActionId = u.ActionId,
      UserIds = UserActionRights.Where(u1 => u1.ActionId > u.ActionId)
        .Select(u1 => u1.UserId).ToList()

I hope I understood you well.

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Users.GroupBy(u => u.Action.Id, u => u.Id)
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