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I have developped some code to use Excel (via COM) to prepare a spreadsheet for printing (scaling) and that works fine, but now I'm looking into doing the same thing with only the Excel Viewer.

the problem is that I cant find if it has a COM interface similar to Excel.

I've replaced Excel by XLVIEW in the import statement

#import "XLVIEW.EXE" \
    rename( "DialogBox", "ExcelDialogBox" ) \
    rename( "RGB", "ExcelRGB" ) \
    rename( "CopyFile", "ExcelCopyFile" ) \
    rename( "ReplaceText", "ExcelReplaceText" )

but now, Excel workspace aren't visible anymore

Excel::_ApplicationPtr pApplication;  // Excel namespace not found
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This just can't work, the viewer is not a substitute for Excel. – Hans Passant Apr 3 '12 at 14:09
@Hans Passant, the thing is all I need from the ExcelViewer is the capability to set the scaling mode (to fit on 1 page), and print from there. ExcelViewer has that functionality through its GUI, but I'm looking to do the same programmatically ; and I can't find any relevant info if ExcelViewer has such avaiable interface... – fduff Apr 3 '12 at 14:34

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