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I use Mathjax to render some formulas on a site and everything works fine untill I try to print them.

In IE, FF, Chrome everything works fine and the page is printed. But if I have Google Chrome Frame installed in IE it will mess up the formula:

"9a + 9 = 8a + 3" turns in to "7: ) 7 ; 6: ) 1".

The problem is that the page for printing is opened in a new window and this new page doesn't use Chrome Frame. If I select the URL and hit enter, the page is rendered without the MathML tags and everything works fine.

Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be? Thank you.

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The print preview used Chrome emulation at some point, but it was buggy and subsequently removed. The print preview and print output both use the native IE engine, which can render MathML using a combination of alternatives:

The stylesheets require the XHTML+XML stylesheet to render properly.

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