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I am using ImageMagick convert command for making thumbnails & save the converted images in another directory, one by one, in PHP.

But, cant figure out how to keep the the image name in the converted image.

> convert 1.JPG -resize 120X120 thumb/*.JPG

need to keep the output file names same as the input. Please help.

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A simple solution would be copy, followed by mogrify - another imagemagick tool - this will keep the same names, it takes all the same args as convert.

cp *.jpg thumb/
cd thumb
mogrify -resize 120X120 *.JPG

Alternatively you could do a bit of shell scripting, using find -exec or xargs

# using -exec
find . -iname "*.JPG" -maxdepth 1 -exec convert -resize 120x120 {} thumbs/{} \;

# using xargs
find . -iname "*.JPG" -maxdepth 1 | xargs -i{} convert -resize 120x120 {} thumbs/{}
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thanx man. it worked. Will check out the exec & xargs also. thanks again. –  Avi C Apr 3 '12 at 11:37

Another way:

convert *.jpg -resize 80% -set filename:f '%t' ../'%[filename:f].jpg'

Will place converted files in the folder above.

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finally I found a working example ... thanks! –  Raffael Apr 21 at 10:40

Here's what I do:

Convert all files to filename-new.extension

for FILE in *; do convert -resize 320 $FILE $(echo $FILE | sed 's/\./-new./'); done

Move all filename-new.extension files back to filename.extension:

for FILE in *; do mv $FILE $(echo $FILE | sed 's/-new//'); done
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