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Im creating a ServiceMix module that consists of a Camel route.

In my beans.xml, I have:

<osgix:cm-properties id="companyProps"

<ctx:property-placeholder location="
" />

This means I can define other items using properties from the file, like:

<http-conf:conduit name="*.http-conduit">

I can also access the properties in my java classes if I create a bean and inject it:

<bean id="myConfig" class="">
    <osgix:managed-properties persistent-id="" />

The problem is when Im writing my unit tests. Currently Im using a copy of my beans.xml with test values, but of course I'd like to use the real beans.xml and supply values for the properties.

public class myTest extends CamelSpringTestSupport
protected AbstractXmlApplicationContext createApplicationContext()
    return new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(new String[] {
        ,   "/META-INF/spring/test.xml"


I'd like to get rid of test.xml and preferably load the test-properties from a property file. I've seen some references to PropertyComponent, but Im unable to get this to work :-(

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In our organization, we separate our spring-osgi configuration from our spring bean configuration.

In our spring-osgi configuration we would have the following:

<osgix:cm-properties id="companyProps" persistent-id="">
    <prop key="name">value</prop>
    <prop key="name">value</prop>

as well as any osgi-specific configuration (such as service registration, events, etc.)

In our spring-bean configuration, we define all the beans that we COULD use outside of an osgi container, including camel routes/context etc.

For our testing, we start a ClassPathXmlContext using our spring bean definition and a test spring configuration that contains the following:

<ctx:property-placeholder location="classpath*" />

As well as any mocks that we need for the osgi specific beans.

Hope this helps.

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Works like a charm! Thanks! :) – Brimstedt Apr 4 '12 at 19:38

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