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I have a Map object with a polygon layer in my report (RDL, SQL-Server 2008R2) with custom color rule ranges. The colors are set with parameters. (hex strings, ex "#FF0000").
It seems though I am unable to use an ARGB value in an expression, a normal RGB color works fine.

A few things I have tested:


This is my expression as of now. The parameter is a comma seperated list of RGB hex codes. This works fine, but when I change the RGB hex codes to ARGB ones the report renders with the error. Deployment works fine.

The value cannot be NULL.
Parameter name: format

I did some more testing to figure out why it won't work.


These work fine, the last one uses the expected transparency.


This results in the error above.

I also tried using custom code and return a string, but it shows the same behavior.

Is this some sort of bug or am I missing something? Is there any other way to set a ARGB value with an expression/parameter?

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The problem is that you're trying to use comma separated color values inside a single color tag. The resulting code should follow this format:

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