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I have two repositories in xp-dev with different user name and password, and i have configured TortoiseSVN svn url with the one repository, and i have folder in my file system, i am doing commit and update.

Now, i want a another folder to use other repository location, So how to have two folders synchronized with the two repositories in TortoiseSVN.

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I've been reading this for several minutes and I still can't extract any sense. Do you want to keep two repositories in synch? – Álvaro González Apr 3 '12 at 12:16
What is "xp-dev"? – William Leara Apr 3 '12 at 13:21

Just checkout second URL with corresponding username and password and verify results. If first user have not rights in second repo, you can even don't supply this information on start - you'll get request (after failed login)

I can't see any traces of problem exploration in your question. What you done? What was bad?

PS: Under ...\Application Data\Subversion\auth any amount of separate credentials can be stored (and stored really)

PPS: you can read about servers file and it's features and use, if you want

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