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how would I create a query to get both the current player's rank and the surrounding player ranks. For example, if I had a leaderboard collection with name and points

{name: 'John', pts: 123}

If John was in 23rd place, I would want to show the names of users in the 22nd and 24th place as well.

I could query for a count of leader board items with pts greater than 123 to get John's rank, but how can I efficiently get the one player that is ranked just above and below the current player? Can I get items based on index position alone?

I suppose I can make 2 queries, first to get the number the rank position of a user, then a skip limit query, but that seems inefficient and doesn't seem to have an efficient use of the index

-> 23


The last query seems to scan across 24 records using the its index, is there a way I can reasonably do this with a range query or something more efficient? I can see this becoming an issue if the user is very low ranked, like 50,000th place.

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You'll need to do three queries:

var john = db.players.findOne({name: 'John'})
var next_player = db.players.find(
    {_id: {$ne: john._id}, pts: {$gte: john.pts}}).sort({pts:1,name:1}).limit(-1)[0]
var previous_player = db.players.find(
    {_id: {$ne: john._id}, pts: {$lte: john.pts}}).sort({pts:-1,name:-1}).limit(-1)[0]

Create indexes on name and pts.

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Thanks, how do you make sure it's the adjacent record and not just any record that is greater or less than.. since I didn't see a sort on it. Also, I tried looking at the query execution with explain() and it doesn't seem to work with findOne. How can I look at the index that it's using. –  MonkeyBonkey Apr 3 '12 at 16:39
colleciton.find({ ... query ... }).limit(-1).explain() is equivalent to explaining a findOne(). –  A. Jesse Jiryu Davis Apr 3 '12 at 16:42
so in the next_player query, how do I ensure that it's the next adjacent rank rather than just any rank that's higher than the current player? –  MonkeyBonkey Apr 4 '12 at 23:59
Ah, I missed the sort(), I'll correct my answer. –  A. Jesse Jiryu Davis Apr 5 '12 at 15:08
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