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As stated in the documentation on sqlite_popen php tries to make use of a persistent resource mechanism. Where is this mechanism described in detail? Is it possible to view all resources currently stored/used? Is it possible to access this mechanism and store/read other values?

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sqlite_popen uses the (executor) global hashtable "persistent_list" to store the connection resource. This hashtable is not part of the php "instance" which executes your script but of the php "runtime", which means it's not cleared/removed after the script is done but held in memory as long as the php .so/.dll/fastcgi.exe.
You cannot access EG(persistent_list) from within a php script but any php module/extension can.

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Although I somehow hoped to have more control over the list this is exactly what I was looking for. More information can be found here eduunix.ccut.edu.cn/index/html/php/… Which seems to be an excerpt from "Sams Advanced PHP Programming". –  merkuro Jun 16 '09 at 8:46

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