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I want to use "acts-as-taggable-on" gem for my rails app. (rails 3.0.10 and ruby 1.9.2p0)

but I am using mongoid.

as "acts-as-taggable-on" works on AR, is there any way to use this for mongo.

or is there any other gem available for tagging which can be use with mongo.

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Here are a couple of existing solutions for mongoid:

However, it's easy enough to write your own tagging functionality using a has_and_belongs_to_many association and a couple of methods in your model:

has_and_belongs_to_many :tags
attr_accessor :tag_list

def tag_list=value
  value.split(',').each do |tag| => tag).save

def tag_list
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Hi DanS, I used thanks a lot. – Harshal_m_joshi Apr 6 '12 at 10:57
Does it supports Mongoid 4? – askhat Jan 30 at 17:02

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