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I was working on a project which requires to download content from Some Database. Most of the database is accessed using mobiles (High end smart phones), i was wondering is it possible to add progress bar (During downloading of content ) using HTML 5 so that when this action is going on it appears as a light box through entire screen and only progress bar is shown. Any help regarding this will be very Helpful

Thanks in advance :)

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It won't hurt you to accept peoples answer :) much appreciated! If you have additional questions please ask away! –  VDP Oct 10 '12 at 9:05

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It is possible using the 'new' progress events of the XMLHttpRequest

=> more info: Mozilla site

=> or: this thread

The new XMLHttpRequests(2) however are not available in every (mobile)browser.

And there is a 'new' progress/meter control you could use... But it isn't supported yet by any mobile device. So you will have to use a lib like this jquery plugin for example or write one yourself.

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