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my project is in struts1.2, Is there any to implement Token interceptor(struts2) in struts1.2? i know it can be implemented by using
1)saveToken(HttpServletRequest req)
2)isTokenValid(HttpServletRequest req)
3)resetToken(HttpServletRequest req)
but i dont want to add above in each and every action.

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I know struts2 but not struts1 (so these solutions attack from that angle, a struts1 person may have a much prettier solution with respect to this issue):

1) Add Spring (if it isn't there already)... add those methods using AOP. [cost: possibly learning a new technology]

2) Use Struts2 beside Struts1 mapping .action to struts2 and .do to struts1... create a struts2 package, possibly called "token" and possibly mapped to /token with appropriate actions with wild cards to capture what ever you throw at it... which forwards to the struts1 actions. PS: You asked how it could be done... this is far from pretty and I wouldn't do this. [cost: complicates mapping logic ]

3) Convert everything to struts2 and use the token interceptor. [cost: high time investment]

4) Create a new base action class which your actions will extend, implementing those methods.

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Thanks Quaternion, since I had used spring I would like to go with first solution – Vipul Apr 3 '12 at 17:50

If you want to use TokenInterceptor in Struts 2, you have to refer tokenSession interceptor.
Had to handle result by name="invalid.token" in struts.xml in specific action.
The page from which your action is generated at that page you have to write s:token tag in the header

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