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I am passing table field name as parameter to stored procedure but stored procedure take field name as value instead of field name and throws error.

e.g if i pass value isEnabled via parameter FieldName, Mysql throws error unknown column 'isEnabled' in field list, which shows mysql automatically add quote.

Here is sample stored procedure i wrote.

CREATE `VSK_Comments_UpdateAction`(IN FieldName varchar(30),IN FieldValue tinyint,CID bigint)
Update comments Set FieldName=FieldValue WHERE commentid=CID;

Is there is a way so i can properly pass field name dynamically properly.

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You can use prepared statements, for example -

CREATE `VSK_Comments_UpdateAction`(IN FieldName varchar(30),IN FieldValue tinyint,CID bigint)
  SET @query = CONCAT('Update comments Set ', FieldName, '=? WHERE commentid=?');
  PREPARE stmt FROM @query;
  SET @FieldValue = FieldValue;
  EXECUTE stmt USING @FieldValue, @CID;
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Thanks, its working well while passing parameter values from solution. –  irfanmcsd Apr 3 '12 at 15:14

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