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I'm using Exlipse with Xdebug to debug my php codes, which works well. But there is one type of codes i cant debug: callback functions

I'm using preg_replace:

$pc = preg_replace('#\[div(=(.*))?\](.*?)\[/div\]#iuUe', "\bbcode_div('\$2', '\$3')", $_POST["data"]);

which calls the function all right, but the eclipse wont get inside the function while debugging, even with a break point.

How can i make the debugger to get inside that function?

EDIT: i need to use preg_replace.

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Using eval for parsing BBCode is probably very risky, to say the least. –  netcoder Apr 3 '12 at 13:51

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Make sure you're using preg_replace_callback():

preg_replace_callback('/ /', 'replace', 'this is not a complicated matter');

function replace($t)
   var_dump($t);    // <-- set breakpoint here

This brakes five times before calling var_dump().

EDIT: Some hackery is required when preg_replace() is used with the e modifier. In this case, setting a breakpoint is not sufficient. You'd have to explicitly tell XDebug to break:

function replace($t)
   // Production systems might (should) not have this function
   if (function_exists('xdebug_break'))

   // Rest of the code...
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can this be used with preg_replace as well? because in another code i am forced to use that. –  NaGeL182 Apr 3 '12 at 13:25
thank you, this works now –  NaGeL182 Apr 3 '12 at 14:16
Actually, Xdebug does support setting breakpoints in eval'ed statements. I think it's just that Eclipse hasn't implemented support for dbgp://xx files. This type of files are "pseudo files" that Xdebug uses to emulate eval'ed code as files. –  Derick Apr 6 '12 at 10:53
Thanks for the info, @Derick. Let's hope the support for these pseudo files will be implemented at some point. It's a pain to debug with Eclipse when you hit a recognized breakpoint and the trace goes through an eval(). It'll constantly complain (i.e. every step) that it doesn't know the source... –  Linus Kleen Apr 6 '12 at 11:04

First, I wanted to mention to use preg_replace_callback. I know that you mention that you must use preg_replace (without giving any reasons), but I will tell you first, what you should do and explain why preg_replace is bad choice.

Your code looks like this:

$pc = preg_replace('#\[div(=(.*))?\](.*?)\[/div\]#iuUe', "\bbcode_div('\$2', '\$3')", $_POST["data"]);

It could be rewritten into following:

$regex = '{\[div(?:=(.*?))?\](.*??)\[/div\]}iu';
$pc = preg_replace_callback($regex, function ($matches) {
    return bbcode_div($matches[1], $matches[2]);

Or following if you still use PHP 5.2 or older (update, seriously).

$regex = '{\[div(?:=(.*?))?\](.*??)\[/div\]}iu';
$pc = preg_replace_callback($regex, create_function('$matches', '
    return bbcode_div($matches[1], $matches[2]);

Now, I'm going to explain why /e is bad choice. It gives false feeling of security. When using double-quotes in replacement, your security is practically broken.

$_POST['code'] = 'echo "broken";';
$_POST['data'] = '[div]{${eval($_POST[code])}}[/div]';
$pc = preg_replace('#\[div(=(.*))?\](.*?)\[/div\]#iuUe', 'bbcode_div("$2", "$3")', $_POST["data"]);

When using ' characters, addslashes() escapes when it shouldn't (/e uses addslashes internally!). So if user would type " character, it would be changed into \" when doing call (in single-quotes, \ can only escape \ and ' or else it's inserted literally). It's probably not something you want. /e modifier is broken. Well, at least that in PHP. The Perl one is fine...

Certain projects were affected by it, for example roundcube, which used /e modifier. It caused changes in codebase. Why bother with hacker attacks if you can protect against them simply by not using /e modifier.

Also, read https://wiki.php.net/rfc/remove_preg_replace_eval_modifier (it's already accepted, and next PHP major version (PHP 5.5 or PHP 6.0) will deprecate this modifier).

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I'm doing a PHPBB modification, and phpbb uses preg_replace with /e, thats why i need to use it as well. –  NaGeL182 Apr 3 '12 at 14:36
@NaGel182: But this doesn't mean you have to do this same. This is called implementation detail. –  xfix Apr 3 '12 at 14:41

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