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At thus point, I'm desperate for help. We were scheduled to launch our not for profit in honor of national autism awareness day yesterday, but we cannot share it on Facebook until we get the thumbnail picture corrected. I have tried all of the suggestions I have found. Godaddy indicates it's on Facebooks end. I've literally been working on this non-stop for 4 days. Someone please help me, time is of the essence.


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What is the problem? What have you tried? ... – cha0site Apr 3 '12 at 13:18

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Add the Open Graph tags to your web pages and configure the meta tags with object instance specific info.

Image specified by og:image will be displayed as your website thumbnail picture.

For more details refer:

 <meta property="fb:app_id"           content="YOUR_APP_ID" /> 
 <meta property="og:type"             content="recipebox:recipe" /> 
 <meta property="og:title"            content="Chocolate Chip Cookies" /> 
 <meta property="og:image"            content="" /> 
 <meta property="og:description"      content="Best Cookies on Earth!" /> 
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