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When extracting web service calls into an abstraction so they can easily be tested without being reliant on the web service being online how can I abstract event handlers called automatically by the service? The issue I'm running into is that since the API I'm using (EWS) has every class internaled so I can't create them. This turns into an issue when unit testing because I can't say for example, when the event gets fired that it should do x, y and z.

How can I extract these event handlers with my own so I can easily mock them?

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You'll need to wrap the class in your own class supporting an interface. For example if your service usage looks like this:

var service = new SomeService();
service.SomeEvent =+ (o, e) => DoSomething(e);

You'll create an interface:

public interface ISomeService
    event EventHandler SomeEvent;
    void DoStuff();

And your implementing class:

public class SomeServiceWrapper : ISomeService
    private readonly SomeService _containedService;

    public event EventHandler SomeEvent;

    public SomeServiceWrapper()
        _containedService = new SomeService();
        _containedService.SomeEvent += (o, e) => RaiseSomeEvent(e);

    public void DoStuff()

    private void RaiseSomeEvent(EventArgs e)
        EventHandler evt = SomeEvent;
        if (evt != null)
            evt(this, e);

Then you can create a dummy ISomeService via mocking or your own dummy class, and you use the ISomeService instance SomeServiceWrapper in production.

Hope that helps.

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