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I have tried to pass data from one Action to another in the same Controller but it seems this do not work. I get null. How to pass value between controllers?


 ViewData["ProductId"] = productId;


var productId = ViewData["ProductId"];//Always Null
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You could use this.Session["ProductId"], but this approach is generally incorrect and leads to difficult-to-maintain code that isn't scalable. More likely, you should be passing this to your view to render as an input field (for a form), or for generating urls (for links).

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You can also use the TempData to share data until the next request.

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Yes, although TempData is usually used for near real-time user communication messages like 'error occurred', or 'saved successfully'. Passing model id's using this approach reduces the scalability problem, but not the maintainability problem. – PinnyM Apr 3 '12 at 13:59

how did you call the second action inside first action? If you call


then you can pass the parameter by action property like this:

RedirectToAction("Action2", new { productID= ViewBag.ProductId});

public ActionResult Action2(Guid productID)
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